Bus History Magazine – April 2016 – has been mailed to all members.

This 48 page issue features:


  1. Michael T Greene on 01.07.2017

    How long before we get any details on the 2017 BHA Convention. My understanding is that it’s in Vancouver, BC for 2017.

  2. Michael T Greene on 01.13.2017

    I’m asking because the ERA has announced their 2017 Convention for Atlanta July 1/4, and New Orleans July 4/5. Other than dates, they have no other details. The details on both locations aren’t out, but having details on both BHA and ERA will help me decide if I can go to either both one or the other, or neither. I know that BHA has nothing to do with ERA,(though some BHA members are also ERA members), so I have to check back with ERA for those details. For BHA, , I hope that they’re out soon.

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