Bus Industry Magazine – August 2018

Bus Industry Magazine – August 2018 has been mailed to all members.

In this issue…

  • Yellowknife, in the Northwest Territories
  • Greyhound Swings the Axe in British Columbia
  • 21 Pages of News
  • Yellowknife postcard
  • Travelogue of a Trip to Hudson Bay and across the N.W.T.
  • Two pages of colour photos
  • Four rosters of N.W.T. and Yellowknife
  • Historic ad… the Blue Bird Traveler
  • Book Reviews

One thought on “Bus Industry Magazine – August 2018”

  1. I’m trying to identify a bus from 1958 (could be earlier). Who can help me? I can compensate anyone who will I.D. this vehicle. Where can I send a photo attachment? Thank you.

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