About Us

The Bus History Association was founded in 1963 with the expressed objective of preserving and recording data, information and other related materials of the bus industry, both within North America and worldwide. As such, it has published magazines, special bulletins and flyers to communicate to its members matters of bus industry interest. The Association’s members reside in the United States, Canada and in many nations throughout the world. Membership is open to all persons who are sincerely interested in bus transportation. The Association is non-profit in nature. All officers are elected by the members and serve without compensation. A board of directors governs the affairs and policies of the Association.

The Association’s illustrated magazine BUS INDUSTRY has rapidly become “the” reference source for bus enthusiasts and industry executives as well. Feature articles explore both historical and present-day aspects of transit and intercity operations, and often delve into many unusual phases of bus transportation. While the emphasis is on North America, overseas material appears regularly. Each issue contains from ten to fifteen pages of news, a bus roster, book reviews, and a “Transit Profile” detailing routes and scheduling in a selected city.

An increasingly popular facet of membership is the Association’s interest in deltiology — poscard collecting. With each mailing of BUS INDUSTRY, the Association distributes a commercial color postcard of a bus or coach. At the Association’s annual convention, held each year in a different city, members have the opportunity to observe local bus operations, to socialize, and to exchange bus memorabilia. Tours to bus operators and bus manufacturers are designed to provide the member with an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the bus industry. Photo and slide exchange packs also circulate amongst interested members and permit opportunities for sharing your photos with others, enlarging your own picture collection and meeting other members with similar interests.

Membership in an organization offers only so much as the member is willing to participate in the services available. In the case of the Association, projects such as photo exchange services, an historical library, information on bus models, and other services are available to members, and information is supplied upon request. It is hoped that individual members would also recognize that the Association’s strength lies within them, and will participate in the activities and projects of the Association with enthusiasm and dedication so others may benefit as they do.